Nov 17th

Up, Up, Up and Away! {Tallahassee 6 month old baby photographer}

Baby A, his mommy, and I met up at one of our local parks here in town early one morning with a plan. This plan involved a huge balloon and a blue and cloudless sky with gorgeous light from the sun…until I woke up that morning and the first thing I saw was a dreary overcast day. Not one to be swayed (nor is A’s mommy), we met up as planned. I am so glad that we did! The fog gave our “hot air balloon” an ethereal effect! Sweet A was so happy, smiley, and positively adorable during our session- and he continued when we went back to the studio for some indoor shots. Thank you, B family! See you soon!

Tallahassee hot air balloon photographer
Tallahassee childrens photography
Tallahassee 6 month old photographer
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Tallahassee baby photography
tallahassee baby photography

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