Mar 21st

My boys {Tallahassee vintage truck children photography}

Last Sunday, my kids woke up early from their naps. Since we had some time to kill before our dinner plans, I begged my husband to crank up my old vintage truck so that I could quickly take some shots of the kids with it. I frantically ran around my house trying to find outfits and anything I wanted to incorporate into the session. I actually have a vintage outfit from the 1950’s that would have been perfect for this, but I can’t find the jacket! We drove around and ended up parked on a vacant lot in my neighborhood for a few minutes. I LOVE how they turned out!

Some history on the truck. It is a 1953 Ford F100. It has been in my family since it was brand spanking new. My dad’s uncle used it on his farm, and my dad bought it from him in 1976. When I was a teen, my dad started restoring it. Over time, the original paint color had faded to a baby blue. He had it repainted to it’s original color- midnight blue. If anything needed replacing, he replaced them with OEM parts so the truck is 100% original. The engine is definitely original and we always get compliments on it at truck shows. When my parents moved to London, my dad gave me the truck (after incessant begging on my part ha!) It’s SO vintage that it’s technically not even street legal- it doesn’t have turn signals (not to mention no radio or air conditioning/heat!)

The camera was also my grandfather’s- so it had extra special meaning for me. My grandfather was an avid photographer back in the day.

EDIT! My print lab featured the first image below as their pic of the day! I feel so honored!!!

To sum it up, my kid, my dad’s truck, and my dad’s dad’s camera. 3 generations of love!IMG_0594 web

Vintage Truck009

Vintage Truck011

Vintage Truck013

Vintage Truck016

Vintage Truck022

Vintage Truck025

Vintage Truck030

Vintage Truck034

Vintage Truck040

Vintage Truck042

Vintage Truck048

Vintage Truck051

Vintage Truck063

Vintage Truck067

Vintage Truck070

Vintage Truck071

Vintage Truck073

Vintage Truck076

Vintage Truck078

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